3 Strategies on How to Handle A Hesitant Expert Witness in Court

An expert opinion witness lies at the center of many cases. That is because its significance plays a strong role in the issues within the case. Expert witnesses are proven to be highly educated and brilliant specialists in their field.

Experts must be well-prepared for their testimony as well as every possible attack against it. This is where the case would be determined as a win or lose. Experts that fail to provide visual aids to support their testimony will become invalid and not useful for the case.

Additionally, they are also the individuals that can turn their testimony into a defeat or victory in court. The task is to allow them to be as effective as possible, which can be achieved through preparation. However, not all experts are welcoming to the challenge.

Some expert witnesses use visual aids to support their claims, while others use trial graphics consultants. These are meant to be used for technical presentations that are well understood in laymen’s terms. In other cases, expert witnesses are certain that they will already be well understood without the use of charts. So how does one convince an expert witness to testify in court?

Here are 3 strategies on how to handle a hesitant expert witness in court.

Boost Their Ego

Talk to the expert witness and tell them that most jurors and judges are not as intelligent as they are, so visual tools will help them to better understand the testimony. Using a related quote that help inspired their willingness to accept and motivated to communicate effectively. The right tool and understanding will help boost their ego and motivate them to speak with effective tools.

Use Video Tests on the Expert

If the expert witness is interested in improving the testimony, the best way to get started is to use repeat video tests. You can do this with an online evaluation service or with a live mock jury. Consider this as a rehearsal for the opening performance. Video tests will allow you and the expert to see their strengths and what they lack in their performance.

Let the Expert Go

It is important to understand that having the right evidence is not enough to win over a trial. An expert witness must be able to present their given evidence persuasively without causing confusion. Why try forcing someone into an uncomfortable situation that they are not ready for?

The expert witness will need to be just as confident as they are knowledgeable about their industry. This will clearly show on the stand if they come off as uncomfortable. Expert testimonies are based on 20% persuasion and 80% knowledge.


If the following strategies don’t help you reach success, perhaps it is time to let the expert go and shop around for another. As the litigator, it is not your job to thoughtfully explain the need for quality visual aids.

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Jason Brown