Fun Ways to Let Loose When You’re Overwhelmed by Stress

Human wakes up on a daily basis to struggle with all that life has thrown on their path, between family, handle the pressure of work, house tasks, health, and every other thing. There is always a lot on an individual’s plate. The majority is always hard to handle as they are challenges that don’t seem to have an end.

The most annoying part is the fact that your full attention and effort are required while battling with daily challenges and can seem to be difficult to cope. You drain your energy on one activity and you still need the energy to tackle another one.

Much of the stress and pressure are accumulated in your head and to get them off your head is not something you just command go and they will leave. The bright side of it is that there are steps that have been identified that you can take to reduce this stress and get them off your head gradually. They will help you feel much better even though things that result to the stress are still there but you get yourself refresh, revitalize and relief to face those challenges.

Parts of these steps include:

Write down everything you need to get out.

When you have things bothering you, it is best to get them on paper as it takes just five minutes to do a mind dump. When you put down things that are stressing you then you will be able to get them out of your head, this will reduce the level of your stress and your mind will be free to think of other things that matter.


Don’t just put things that are stressing you down, spend a few minutes to prioritize them. This implies that you should list them according to their level of urgency and importance.

When you have so much to do, then it is very easy to pick the simplest one and at the end of the day, you will assume you’ve done a lot when what you do is leaving the important ones behind. When you prioritize, then, you will be able to attend to important ones first.

Take a break.

I consider this step very important, despite having a load of work stressing you out, it is important to take a break when you’re feeling overstressed. This might not be for a long time but it will make you feel better and more productive.

There are situations where what you need isn’t just a break but a long break for instance, if all you do throughout the week are tasks that stressed you out, consumed all your energy and left you with an unsettled brain, don’t go to the work with that condition the following week. It is important that you clear all your head over the weekend, feel refresh and revitalize.

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I will like to tell you that overcoming stress is very vital, allowing stress to ruin your daily experience isn’t good for your health so, if your job or situation is the one that causes your much stress, take a break when needed, enjoy the social gathering of people, and relief yourself of the stress.